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Vintage Bookcase…Moving Forward


After nearly a year of just waiting, I figured it was probably time for me to give the vintage bookcase I scored off of Craigslist last summer some attention.  Now, don’t get me wrong, last summer, I had stripped the paint off of it, primed it, and cut new shelves.  So, it’s not like I hadn’t done any work on it.  I think my biggest hold-up with re: to moving forward was actually choosing what colors I wanted to paint it.  I really like the look of this particular piece, very unique lines, so I figured I’d probably want to keep it.  Hence the reason why the color decision was such a struggle.DSCN6566

I am happy to report that I finally made up my mind a few days ago (after a trip to the local ACE Hardware store).  I had been thinking about possibly branching away from my traditional green.  In fact, I even bought a quart of a different gray, just in case I wanted to go in that direction.  Needless to say, the green just kept calling me back.  Now, as I believe I mentioned in a previous post, I really wanted to do the outside of the bookcase one color and the inside a different color.  With my green as one of the colors, I was now on the hunt for a color that I’d like to have paired with it.

Quite some time ago, I got a quart of FREE paint from the local ACE Hardware store.  The color I ended up with (mind you, I was able to choose my color) ended up being not quite was I was looking for.  So, I’ve only used the paint for one project, my wooden tool box.  While recently watching some episodes of Rehab Addict, Nicole mentioned taking some of DSCN6569her paint to get re-tinted.  What a novel idea!  I just wanted an orange that looked more orange…that’s all.  So, I looked up re-tinting online and figured I’d give it a shot.  So, I loaded up my paint, took a sample of the color I actually wanted, and headed to the local ACE Hardware store.  The person in the paint department was incredibly helpful and after a good shaking, scanning my desired orange, adding a bit of orange, adding a bit of yellow, and plenty of shaking, I got my orange.

Believe it or not, I have a feeling that the finished product will look quite similar to the bookcase I started with!  Guess that’s just the way it goes some times.  And, as they say, progress is progress.  Here’s to moving forward!


Vintage Bookcase


With yet another project complete, it is time for me to get started on the next one.  After all, summer only lasts so long…I’ve got to take advantage of this beautiful weather while I can.  Alas, I digress.DSCN4579

A couple of weeks ago, I acquired (for FREE on Craigslist) an awesome, vintage bookcase.  It was left to its own devises while I finished the patio table.  I must say, it was pretty eye-catching as it was.  But, knowing me, I’ll strive to DSCN4586make it even more of a statement piece.  The jury is still out as to what direction I want to go with the painting.  I’m thinking of using one color for the inside and a different color for the outside.  So, something similar to the record cabinet I finished a while back.  With that being said, I have been able to get quite a bit of prep work done.  This past Thursday, I got the entire piece stripped (which is never
a glamorous part of prepping any piece of furniture) DSCN4588and wiped down with paint thinner.  I ended up taking the veneer off of the whole front surface…which literally, ‘eh, figuratively came off like butter, so that was probably a really good move.

Next steps will include sanding the whole piece AND creating two new shelves for the inside area.  I hope to pay the local ReStore a visit at some point this week to find some wood for the shelves.

Vintage Nightstands…Done & Done


DSCN3542With autumn fast approaching and rain on the way, DSCN3549I was finally able to finish the pair of vintage nightstands I’d been working on.  I gave the tops and the drawer fronts a third coat of clear…just for extra protection.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I did end-up painting them just the opposite of the way I painted the record cabinet/shelf.  So, they’re green on the outside with gray/grey in the interior.  Pretty sharp-looking, if I do say so myself.  I do believe these nightstands are ready to make a statement, as they’ve definitely have a new lease on life.  Hard to believe they started out…not-so-wonderful.  As per my fashion, I’ve lined the drawers with shelf paper.  I went with a fairly neutral set of stripes.  I purchased the knobs in a lot I scored at Goodwill a while back.  After cleaning, sanding, and priming them, I figured I’d go with black spray paint.  The knobs are old and previously used, so they show some wear.  I figured it was fitting, as they were going on a set of old vintage nightstands.  Now, all I’ve got to do is get this set posted for sale.

SOLD: 11/9/2014


Pair of Vintage Nightstands


Well, as I’m sure you’ll recall from an earlier post…I recently (time is relative in the world of my projects) garnered a vintage wood nightstand for FREE on Craigslist and as per usual found out it was a bigger project than I had originally anticipated.  DSCN3185With the nightstand lower on the priority scale…it has sat for months.  As luck would have it, I found a matching nightstand at GoodWill.  It was fairly reasonable in price AND would make this a set (and thus up the resale price).  So, of course I bought it.  I believe I did some sanding months ago, but didn’t get much farther than that.

Fast forward to today.  The weather has been so HOT here recently, it doesn’t really invite one to work on projects outside.  Alas, since summer is one of my seasons of available projecting time, I’m attempting to use this dry weather to my advantage.  While I was taking care of a few other steps on some other projects (more to come), I thought I might as well get to work scraping/sanding/cleaning both of the nightstands.  Figured I’d get a before shot of them together.  Now, I’ve just got to patch ’em (very minor), sand, and clean ’em again.  Then, I can get to priming.

AHHH, the joys of working with your hands!

Diamond in the Rough



With some time to work on projects and agreeable weather, I’ve been working on the spindle bed frame rails and the recently acquired vintage nightstand.  Don’t get me wrong, I always see potential in the projects I take on…or else I would be far less willing to take them on.  After cleaning the nightstand the other night, I figured I’d scrape some of the loose paint today.  Turned out that there was quite a bit of loose paint, so I just kept working at it.  Little did I know I had honestly found a true diamond in the rough.

From http://www.urbandictionary.com/:

Someone (or something) that has hidden exceptional characteristics and/or future potential, but currently lacks the final touches that would make them (or it) truly stand out from the crowd.

The phrase is metaphorical and relates to the fact that naturally occurring diamonds are quite ordinary at first glance, and that their true beauty as jewels is only realized through the cutting and polishing process.

Needless to say, I’ve got a long haul ahead of me.  As per usual, something I think will be a walk in the park turns out to need a ton of…’eh, extensive work.  However, I was delighted to find the original color of the nightstand is very similar to the color I have in mind.  Go figure.  This cast aside piece of furniture was once a true piece of art.  In addition to loving the original color, I discovered hand-painted flowers adorning the top surface and the drawer.  What a find!  I felt like I had uncovered a treasure.  And indeed I have.  I hope to get this nightstand back into the land of the lovely before too long, while keeping with its vintage roots.  I’m even thinking I’ll use one of my ‘new’ knobs to replace the old wooden one.  Ideas, ideas…so many ideas.

Vintage Nightstand



I came across this little number while perusing Craigslist the other day. Luckily, the lady was more than happy to hold onto it until I could pick it up. This nightstand seems to break with the norm in that it has a drawer on the bottom AND is a bit shorter than your average nightstand.  Leave it to me to find a diamond in the rough.  Not quite sure what direction I want to head with this one. But, from first glance, it seems to be a fairly straightforward project. I’m thinking a new knob (go figure) and a splash of color (yet undecided). I will certainly update as this project progresses.

Nightstand: Before & After



I can finally say that I’ve finished something this summer. Just posted the nightstand/end table that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. As if I haven’t had enough new things arise during the process…I couldn’t get the drawer pull back in the little holes, which meant that the screws would reach. Alas, got out the drill and went to work clearing out the holes a bit. I ended-up scraping a bit of the new paint off of the part of the drawers pull that goes into the hole. No trouble, but just felt like I was ruining something I had spent so long on. Hope to find it a new home before too long. Yes, of course I would love to keep it, but I only have so much room for this furniture I’ve been working on.

Couldn’t resist an additional custom touch (or two) with some coordinating (yet neutral) shelf liner.  You’ll also notice that the nightstand has lost it’s crazy casters.  I replaced them with leveling feet (which it didn’t actually need), but definitely give it a finished look…and they aren’t plastic!  As always, worth the work in the end.

SOLD: 3/25/2014

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