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Complete Record Storage


record-storage4With some potential work happening here on the home front, I figured it might be a good idea to have all of the record albums stored together…in a more display worthy sort of fashion.  At my last count, I’ve got records stored in four different locations throughout the house.  If I could have my way, the records would all be together in a more decorative sort of fashion.  In addition to storing a plethora of records, it’d be neat if the shelves could also store some books, pictures, decor., etc.

Yes, I know, it seems a tall order.  Plus, there are things to consider like: the type of wood, construction style, coloring/finish (to coordinate with existing pieces or not to coordinate, that is the question), number of shelves, what sort of base…I could go on and on.  I believe I’ve at least narrowed down where I’drecord-shelf2 like the piece to fit.  With that being said, it’ll have to be greater in height than width.  And, I’m really looking for a piece that can actually handle the weight that’ll be placed upon it, so sturdiness will be paramount.

recod-feetCraigslist (local and not-so-local), Pinterest,  and the internet in general have provided me with a variety of ideas.  Any piece that I’ve been remotely interested in would need some sort of alteration, whether painting, reinforcement, design change, etc.  So, if all goes well, I think I may be investing in a custom-made record shelf.  Yah, yah, I know…that should make this whole thing a piece of cake.  However, let me mention how overwhelming all of the existing choices have been.  Within reason, I can create whatever sort of piece I want.  Goodness knows, now all I need to do is make up my mind.  Needless to say, easier said than done.  Go figure.


Mid-Century Record Cabinet/Shelf


DSCN2312Alert the presses!  The record cabinet that I’ve been working on for months now…is finally done.  It has been transformed into a shelf/end table sort-of-creation…and is sporting a fun new paint job.  I think the legs (as previously mentioned) turned out great (a good compromise).  Crazy to think I had originally thought this would be a walk in the park.  I mean, how tough could transforming a wooden box into a masterpiece be?  But, I must say, I’m super proud of how it turned out.  I had a lot of assistance with various aspects of this piece, so I learned things along the way…always a bonus.  Now, it is all ready for the upcoming craft bazaar.  It is ready to find a new home…and I need the space for future projects!


SOLD: 2/3/2014

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A Work in Progress…Record Cabinet


DSCN2118I want to apologize for the gap in posting my projects’ progress.  The record cabinet that I thought would be a walk in the park has turned out to be anything but.  I alluded in the last update on the record cabinet that I finally figured out how to do the shelf I’m wanting.  I believe I’ve got most of the pieces I need, just so hesitant to drill holes on something I’ve already invested so much time in.  Been busy working on patching gouges from the laminate removal.  I’m also trying to fill in the gaps left by the dividers that I removed.  I’m also currently on the hunt for some ‘new’ wooden tapered legs to replace the original ones.  However, if I can’t actually find any, I may have to make the old ones work.  We’ll see.  Shelves are in process right now as well.  Why is it that every project I take on ends up being five million times harder/more complicated than I am expecting?!!