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Projects with Potential


With the dry weather finally here, I’ve actually got some pretty great conditions for working on those projects I’ve had on hold for a while.  However, until that forward progress happens, I figured I’d share a bit about some projects that I have recently re-homed.  Here me out.  Somehow, I find it fairly easy to acquire new pieces to work on, but the time to work on them doesn’t seem to come as easy.  So, this past week, I let a couple of them go.  DSCN6237One of them was a truly fabulous, vintage spindle/spool full/double bed frame I had gotten for FREE off of Craigslist nearly a year ago.  It did need some structural work (mainly repairing some previously poorly-done repairs), so it just sat around waiting to receive some attention.  Attention that I currently don’t have the skills to make happen.  The second piece was DSCN6255a record holder/stand/cabinet I acquired at a recent garage sale…turned FREE sale.  It had pretty good structure and seemed like it’d be fun to refinish.  That being said, it was in pretty rough shape, but I figured it wasn’t in much worse condition than any of the other pieces of furniture I’ve worked on.  The top was peeling off and well, it was taking up space.  Hmm…I sure do seem to have a thing for “diamonds in the rough”.  Guess I just like to see something transform from something that someone would literally give away into something truly remarkable.

With that being said, there are still two pieces awaiting my attention.  I do hope to make some forward progress on the vintage bookcase I started working on last summer.  I’m still unsure on what color scheme I want to use on that…which seem to be my current hold-up.  In addition to the bookcase, I’ve also got a piano bench that I said I’d refinish for a friend.  This piece is a pretty straight forward project…literally just sanding, staining, and clear coating.  Simple, right?  Seems to be some famous words I’ve said, ‘eh…heard a few times.


Mid-Century Record Cabinet/Shelf


DSCN2312Alert the presses!  The record cabinet that I’ve been working on for months now…is finally done.  It has been transformed into a shelf/end table sort-of-creation…and is sporting a fun new paint job.  I think the legs (as previously mentioned) turned out great (a good compromise).  Crazy to think I had originally thought this would be a walk in the park.  I mean, how tough could transforming a wooden box into a masterpiece be?  But, I must say, I’m super proud of how it turned out.  I had a lot of assistance with various aspects of this piece, so I learned things along the way…always a bonus.  Now, it is all ready for the upcoming craft bazaar.  It is ready to find a new home…and I need the space for future projects!


SOLD: 2/3/2014

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A Work in Progress…Record Cabinet


DSCN2118I want to apologize for the gap in posting my projects’ progress.  The record cabinet that I thought would be a walk in the park has turned out to be anything but.  I alluded in the last update on the record cabinet that I finally figured out how to do the shelf I’m wanting.  I believe I’ve got most of the pieces I need, just so hesitant to drill holes on something I’ve already invested so much time in.  Been busy working on patching gouges from the laminate removal.  I’m also trying to fill in the gaps left by the dividers that I removed.  I’m also currently on the hunt for some ‘new’ wooden tapered legs to replace the original ones.  However, if I can’t actually find any, I may have to make the old ones work.  We’ll see.  Shelves are in process right now as well.  Why is it that every project I take on ends up being five million times harder/more complicated than I am expecting?!!


Veneer/Laminate Removal



A few days ago, I went online to see how I could remove veneer/laminate from the top and sides of the record cabinet I’ve been working on. Most of the sites I viewed mentioned that an old iron, wet rag, and putty knife would do the job. I was expecting to spend some time on this piece of this project, but not close to SEVEN hours. To top it off, I’m still not done with the last 1/3 of the second side. The picture is of today’s work shortly before I called it quits…as it was getting dark. Goodness gracious, can’t anything be simple anything but a challenge and learning experience?! I know I’ll love it in the end, but right now, this is a waste of my time and $$.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I cut myself with my putty knife when I was scraping, so now I’ve got a bloody dominate hand.  Boo!

Here’s something positive, I figured out how I want to install the whole shelf deal. Fairly simple in concept, but I don’t have a lot of the tools that you’d need to get it done. So, yet another standstill. Alas.

Mid-Century Record Cabinet



As if I don’t have enough projects awaiting my attention…today I found yet another. I saw that there was a garage sale nearby today…with a driveway just full of stuff. Anywho, walked over there after lunch and found this mid-century record cabinet. The garage sale person wanted $4.00, so of course, I had to think about it. I went home, thought about it, looked online for inspiration, and went back to pick it up…only to find that the sale was closed. I was walking toward the door when a resident came out. I expressed my interest in the record cabinet and handed over my $4.00.

Not quite sure of the direction I am going to go with it, but have found a bunch that I like online. So, the possibilities are nearly endless. And, yes, the doors are missing. I really think this piece has some good potential.   Just look at those classic tapered legs!  I’m thinking of loosing the dividing slats and putting in a shelf.  From what I’ve seen online, I like the look of different paint colors outside/inside.  That’s what I’m thinking.  Stay tuned for a progress report.

And, yes, that is the wood slat table folded-up in the background.