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Record Storage…Completed


Well, I figured before I post something about a possible upcoming project, I might as well give an update on what has been an ongoing project. After months and months of searching for the perfect piece and plenty of research on possibly building a custom piece… I am happy to announce that all of those records (previously stored in multiple locations around the house) are now stored in a great HON bookcase I scored off of Craigslist.

If you look at the actual design of the piece, it is very similar to one that I had located previously on Craigslist (in Seattle). The big difference is the lack of the individual dividers. However, with the 41 1/2″ of records I wanted to house together, the dividers don’t really seem to be quite as necessary as I first thought.  The records seem to be doing a great job of supporting one another.  In addition to being quite the work-horse, this piece has plenty of space for books and other decorative pieces, in addition to being up to the task of record storage.

So, there we have it, a complete record storage solution.

I know, I know…finally.


Record Storage Progress


A while back, I realized that it has been months since I last posted or even mentioned projects that I’m working on. Alas, I suppose that is a reflection of my recent lack of motivation with re: to projects large and small. However, I am happy to report that progress is being made with re: to my search for a complete record storage solution. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I was possibly having a piece of furniture built specifically to my specs which would ease my record storage needs. Unfortunately, that option didn’t quite work out…so, I’ve kept my eyes peeled (while maintaining an open mind). Lots of measuring and waiting, to say the least. With that being said, I’m happy to report that I believe I’ve finally found something (on Craigslist, of course) that will more than meet my needs, required little more than a good cleaning, and was quite reasonable cost-wise. I have a feeling it is going to provide the storage solution I’ve been searching for. From all angles, it sure looks to be quite the workhorse.  I know, it may look a little plain and boring right now…just wait until it is loaded with record albums, books, a decorative piece or two, etc.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

Who knows, I may just have to get another (black metal) HON 4-shelf bookcase.  Stay tuned for further updates…

Vintage Bookcase…Moving Forward


After nearly a year of just waiting, I figured it was probably time for me to give the vintage bookcase I scored off of Craigslist last summer some attention.  Now, don’t get me wrong, last summer, I had stripped the paint off of it, primed it, and cut new shelves.  So, it’s not like I hadn’t done any work on it.  I think my biggest hold-up with re: to moving forward was actually choosing what colors I wanted to paint it.  I really like the look of this particular piece, very unique lines, so I figured I’d probably want to keep it.  Hence the reason why the color decision was such a struggle.DSCN6566

I am happy to report that I finally made up my mind a few days ago (after a trip to the local ACE Hardware store).  I had been thinking about possibly branching away from my traditional green.  In fact, I even bought a quart of a different gray, just in case I wanted to go in that direction.  Needless to say, the green just kept calling me back.  Now, as I believe I mentioned in a previous post, I really wanted to do the outside of the bookcase one color and the inside a different color.  With my green as one of the colors, I was now on the hunt for a color that I’d like to have paired with it.

Quite some time ago, I got a quart of FREE paint from the local ACE Hardware store.  The color I ended up with (mind you, I was able to choose my color) ended up being not quite was I was looking for.  So, I’ve only used the paint for one project, my wooden tool box.  While recently watching some episodes of Rehab Addict, Nicole mentioned taking some of DSCN6569her paint to get re-tinted.  What a novel idea!  I just wanted an orange that looked more orange…that’s all.  So, I looked up re-tinting online and figured I’d give it a shot.  So, I loaded up my paint, took a sample of the color I actually wanted, and headed to the local ACE Hardware store.  The person in the paint department was incredibly helpful and after a good shaking, scanning my desired orange, adding a bit of orange, adding a bit of yellow, and plenty of shaking, I got my orange.

Believe it or not, I have a feeling that the finished product will look quite similar to the bookcase I started with!  Guess that’s just the way it goes some times.  And, as they say, progress is progress.  Here’s to moving forward!

Primed and Shelved


I figured it was about time to provide some updates on the progress of the vintage bookcase I’ve been working on.  Probably close to a month ago, I was able to get the piece sanded.  I actually ended up using more stripper on it, as there was still a sticky residue on the surface I had removed the laminate from.  So, after far too much time sanding, I finally got it to the point where I felt it was ‘good enough’.  I caulked a couple places, so as to prevent any gaps and such.  Then, I was finally able to DSCN4816get it primed.  Since all I had at that point was the actual bookcase frame, the priming was relatively painless.  And there it sat.

Fast forward a few weeks, I took the existing orange shelf to the local ReStore to see if I could find some wood that would work to make two shelves out of.  Believe it or not, I did find just the piece of wood I needed.  It was exactly the width and thickness of the sample shelf I had brought with me and appeared to have enough to make two shelves out of.  I’m pretty sure I paid something like 50 cents or maybe it was $1.00.  Either way, a steal of a deal.  The actual piece of wood kinda looked to me like a ‘built in’ cutting board.

And here we are.  Just yesterday evening, (with plenty of help) I was able to get the two shelves cut for the bookcase.  Luckily, I had enough sense to measure both openings where the shelves would sit.  As it turns out, the second shelf opening is nearly an inch wider than the top shelf (which is where the ‘sample’ shelf came from).  Yah, yah, the shelves still need to be sanded and primed, but every step moves this project forward a little bit more.

So there you have it, something that is actually starting to look like a bookcase.  Now, I still need to figure out what colors I want to paint it.  Until I make up my mind about that particular detail, we’ll have to consider this project ‘shelved’.

Vintage Bookcase


With yet another project complete, it is time for me to get started on the next one.  After all, summer only lasts so long…I’ve got to take advantage of this beautiful weather while I can.  Alas, I digress.DSCN4579

A couple of weeks ago, I acquired (for FREE on Craigslist) an awesome, vintage bookcase.  It was left to its own devises while I finished the patio table.  I must say, it was pretty eye-catching as it was.  But, knowing me, I’ll strive to DSCN4586make it even more of a statement piece.  The jury is still out as to what direction I want to go with the painting.  I’m thinking of using one color for the inside and a different color for the outside.  So, something similar to the record cabinet I finished a while back.  With that being said, I have been able to get quite a bit of prep work done.  This past Thursday, I got the entire piece stripped (which is never
a glamorous part of prepping any piece of furniture) DSCN4588and wiped down with paint thinner.  I ended up taking the veneer off of the whole front surface…which literally, ‘eh, figuratively came off like butter, so that was probably a really good move.

Next steps will include sanding the whole piece AND creating two new shelves for the inside area.  I hope to pay the local ReStore a visit at some point this week to find some wood for the shelves.

Salvaged Bookcase


Just this past autumn (yah, nearly a year ago), while I was at work, I saw that an old solid wood bookcase was being left to the elements…with the ultimate destination being the wood pile. I just couldn’t let that happen to a solid wood piece of history. So, in traditional fashion, I figured I’d take it on as a salvage project. Of course, having been left outside, it had certainly seen better days. I’m not going to say it was an easy project, but it sure looks a lot better than the dirty, wet, moldy piece of furniture that I somehow was able to squeeze into my car (with assistance, of course).


Here’s a bit of a glimpse of how my whole process with furniture works.  First, I’ve got to clean the entire piece…top to bottom.  For most things, I use Mr Clean (http://www.mrclean.com/en_US/antibacterial-liquid.do).  Then, it is time to repair whatever needs repair.  This usually involves wood filler, caulk, etc.  The repairs seen in this photo are only a tiny bit of those that I actually ended up doing on this piece.  Next comes the priming.  Since I work with so many wood or wood-like surfaces, I use a primer that can work on multiple surfaces.


In between each coat of everything, I sand (both with a power sander and hand sanding) and sand, and sand and sand.  After plenty of sanding…primarily with 150 and 220 grit sandpaper, I finally get to start seeing some color.  With this green I love using, it usually takes 3 coats of color to get full-coverage.  After the color is on, then, we get to put on two or more coats of Polycrylic (http://www.minwax.com/wood-products/interior-clear-protective-finishes/minwax-polycrylic-protective-finish).  Figured out the hard way how to get a protective shell on these pieces.  This polycrylic finish allows for me to work with my latex paints, but still give it some sort of protection.  Sometimes it is a bit tough to use, but usually, I am more than pleased with the end results.


I’m still not sure if I’ll keep this piece or take a shot at selling it. Either way, definitely worth nearly a year’s work (off and on). I am glad I saved it from being burned or left to rot. Hooray for salvaged furniture!!  Wait, when I think about it…nearly all of the projects that I work on could actually be considered salvaged projects.  Guess I must  have a thing for the underdog?



Oh, I don’t think I mentioned just yet that these shelves are fixed in place!!  Can you just imagine how much work went into painting all possibly visible surfaces?!  And, after I thought I was done with just about everything having to do with this bookcase, I figured I might as well paint the back…just in case someone wants to use it as a room divider.  So, it is green, through and through.