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Solar Eclipse Soundtrack


Image result for people wearing solar eclipse glassesWith the total solar eclipse right around the corner, I figured I’d throw a little creativity into the mix.  I mean, creativity has a place in this blog, so I might as well use it as an avenue to share some of that creativity.  As the saying goes, I must give credit where credit is due.  Our local newspaper gave me the initial idea of putting together a soundtrack for the upcoming event.  Given my interest in music, I figured I might as well run with it.  So, what you have before you is a ‘custom-made’ list of songs just perfect to listen to during the upcoming eclipse.

Time to put on those solar eclipse glasses and enjoy this event with some great background music.

Let the countdown begin…

The Great American Solar Eclipse: 8/21/2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart-Bonnie Tyler
Ain’t No Sunshine-Bill Withers
Eclipse-Pink Floyd
That’s Life, I Guess-Billie Holiday
Here Comes the Sun-The Beatles
Dancing in the Moonlight-King Harvest
Steal My Sunshine-Len
Good Day, Sunshine-The Beatles
Red Rubber Ball-The Cyrkle
Wheel in the Sky-Journey
Dark Side of the Moon-Chris Staples
Moonshadow-Cat Stevens
Blinded by the Light-Bruce Springsteen

Walking on Sunshine-Katrina and the Waves
Bad Moon Rising-CCR
Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden
You are the Sunshine of My Life-Stevie Wonder
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore-The Walker Brothers
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me-Elton John
Shine Like the Sun-Dolly Parton
Fly Me to the Moon-Frank Sinatra
House of the Rising Sun-The Animals
Blister in the Sun-Violent Femmes
The Final Countdown-Europe
Instant Karma!-John Lennon
Sunshine Day-The Brady Bunch
Walkin’ on the Sun-Smash Mouth

Image result for people wearing solar eclipse glasses b&w

Record Storage Progress


A while back, I realized that it has been months since I last posted or even mentioned projects that I’m working on. Alas, I suppose that is a reflection of my recent lack of motivation with re: to projects large and small. However, I am happy to report that progress is being made with re: to my search for a complete record storage solution. I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I was possibly having a piece of furniture built specifically to my specs which would ease my record storage needs. Unfortunately, that option didn’t quite work out…so, I’ve kept my eyes peeled (while maintaining an open mind). Lots of measuring and waiting, to say the least. With that being said, I’m happy to report that I believe I’ve finally found something (on Craigslist, of course) that will more than meet my needs, required little more than a good cleaning, and was quite reasonable cost-wise. I have a feeling it is going to provide the storage solution I’ve been searching for. From all angles, it sure looks to be quite the workhorse.  I know, it may look a little plain and boring right now…just wait until it is loaded with record albums, books, a decorative piece or two, etc.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

Who knows, I may just have to get another (black metal) HON 4-shelf bookcase.  Stay tuned for further updates…

Vintage Bookcase…Moving Forward


After nearly a year of just waiting, I figured it was probably time for me to give the vintage bookcase I scored off of Craigslist last summer some attention.  Now, don’t get me wrong, last summer, I had stripped the paint off of it, primed it, and cut new shelves.  So, it’s not like I hadn’t done any work on it.  I think my biggest hold-up with re: to moving forward was actually choosing what colors I wanted to paint it.  I really like the look of this particular piece, very unique lines, so I figured I’d probably want to keep it.  Hence the reason why the color decision was such a struggle.DSCN6566

I am happy to report that I finally made up my mind a few days ago (after a trip to the local ACE Hardware store).  I had been thinking about possibly branching away from my traditional green.  In fact, I even bought a quart of a different gray, just in case I wanted to go in that direction.  Needless to say, the green just kept calling me back.  Now, as I believe I mentioned in a previous post, I really wanted to do the outside of the bookcase one color and the inside a different color.  With my green as one of the colors, I was now on the hunt for a color that I’d like to have paired with it.

Quite some time ago, I got a quart of FREE paint from the local ACE Hardware store.  The color I ended up with (mind you, I was able to choose my color) ended up being not quite was I was looking for.  So, I’ve only used the paint for one project, my wooden tool box.  While recently watching some episodes of Rehab Addict, Nicole mentioned taking some of DSCN6569her paint to get re-tinted.  What a novel idea!  I just wanted an orange that looked more orange…that’s all.  So, I looked up re-tinting online and figured I’d give it a shot.  So, I loaded up my paint, took a sample of the color I actually wanted, and headed to the local ACE Hardware store.  The person in the paint department was incredibly helpful and after a good shaking, scanning my desired orange, adding a bit of orange, adding a bit of yellow, and plenty of shaking, I got my orange.

Believe it or not, I have a feeling that the finished product will look quite similar to the bookcase I started with!  Guess that’s just the way it goes some times.  And, as they say, progress is progress.  Here’s to moving forward!

Juniperus occidentalis var. occidentalis


A few weeks ago, I was hiking and came across some awesome Western DSCN6537Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis var. occidentalis) branches.  The branches were just waiting to be cut into manageable pieces and given the opportunity to truly shine. In total, I brought home 5 pieces of beautiful wood. This evening, DSCN6539I finally had an opportunity to see how it looked after some time with the chop saw. I was able to cut quite a few wood cookies from those 5 segments. And, I’m not sure if it is actually possible for it to look even more incredible now that it has been cut into wood cookies…but it does. In addition to each piece looking so unique, this wood also smells great. Unfortunately, I can’t quite share that scent through the internet at this time…but, trust me, it is quite delightful.

Now, I’m only hoping they’ll all dry with non of the wood checking (ie. cracking, splitting, etc.). Ahhh…just think of the possibilities!  I’m thinking I see some of these as coaster, some as name tags, and some as pocket tokens.

A Little Motivation


Summer and winter are the times of year that I am most productive with regard to furniture projects and such.  However, with the end of summer fast approaching, I find myself fearing I won’t be able to get as much accomplished on my current projects as I’d like.  I figure I could use a little motivation…and maybe could share a little while I was at it.

Here’s to staying motivated…and getting it done!  Because…

Rustic Wooden Planters


In keeping with the yard projects, I figured I’d post this one before I become all-too obsessed with the furniture projects.

Just a block away, some cedar trees were felled quite some time ago.  The rounds that had been left behind have been sitting there for years and years and years .  It was recently noticed that the majority of the inside of the wood rounds had already decomposed, leaving behind a lovely wooden ring.  So, we loaded the rounds up in the push-cart.  After preparing the soil is the area we wanted to put ’em, we dug holes deep enough to have just about half of the round in the ground.  We tried to make ’em as level as possible, which was a challenge on a slope.  After adding some new garden soil to the ‘planters’, we finally decided upon what plants would help to add some color to that part of the yard.  There you have it, two rustic wooden planters.

Here’s to keeping it green!  I just love the end result!!