Monthly Archives: July 2018

Nightstand Refesh


While sorting through stuff earlier this summer, I came across a really cute nightstand/side table I originally painted way back in the 1990’s. It had been in storage for probably 10 years (or more) before making its way back into my life. In fact, I believe this nightstand was the second piece of furniture that I painted (this dresser was the first). Anywho, I’ve been wanting to give it a little refresh. Upon further observation, a simple paint job wasn’t going to get this nightstand up to my standards. I noticed that the bottom of the drawer was super wavy. Of course, no one but me would notice (or care), but I might has well make it as good as I can. Then, I noticed that the back piece (which I hadn’t painted) was starting to pull away from the bulk of the piece. If I was going to take the time to replace the bottom of the drawer, I might as well replace the entire back. Oh my goodness, the removal of these two pieces was definitely a task easier said than done. However, with a little help from my chisel, hammer, putty knife, and pliers, I was finally able to get it all to a point where I could sand it all down. I’m delighted to report that sanding went well.  This nightstand is all ready for replacement parts and primer.  I do believe a trip to the local Re-Store is in order.  The summer seems to be flying by, so we’ll see how far I get on this particular project.

I’ve got the momentum going, so that’s a good start.