Monthly Archives: March 2018

One Eye Hook at a Time…


In a previous post, I was deliberating whether I was going to drill a hole in the top for an screw eye hook OR drill a hole through the wood slice, I finally found some eye hooks that would for my ornament project, so I decided to go that direction. After consulting about whether a pilot hole was needed for such a small screw eye hook, turns out that a 1/16 drill bit was just the perfect size. I had every intention of using a vise and the drill press for this project. However, the 1/16 drill bit is super tiny, so I figured I’d stick with an electric hand-held drill. After designating the drill site with an ordinary push pin, I got the wood cookie all cozy in the vise. The screw-in part of the eye hook is relatively short, so I didn’t need to drill a super-deep hole. As I had suspected, Bradford Pear is a pretty hard wood. After getting the hole as deep as I needed it to be, I set forth screwing the eye hook into the wood cookie. For some reason, I can’t find my needle-nose pliers, so I had to use regular pliers, which worked just fine.

I’m delighted that this stage of this project turned out to be relatively simple. Always nice when something goes well.