Primed and Shelved


I figured it was about time to provide some updates on the progress of the vintage bookcase I’ve been working on.  Probably close to a month ago, I was able to get the piece sanded.  I actually ended up using more stripper on it, as there was still a sticky residue on the surface I had removed the laminate from.  So, after far too much time sanding, I finally got it to the point where I felt it was ‘good enough’.  I caulked a couple places, so as to prevent any gaps and such.  Then, I was finally able to DSCN4816get it primed.  Since all I had at that point was the actual bookcase frame, the priming was relatively painless.  And there it sat.

Fast forward a few weeks, I took the existing orange shelf to the local ReStore to see if I could find some wood that would work to make two shelves out of.  Believe it or not, I did find just the piece of wood I needed.  It was exactly the width and thickness of the sample shelf I had brought with me and appeared to have enough to make two shelves out of.  I’m pretty sure I paid something like 50 cents or maybe it was $1.00.  Either way, a steal of a deal.  The actual piece of wood kinda looked to me like a ‘built in’ cutting board.

And here we are.  Just yesterday evening, (with plenty of help) I was able to get the two shelves cut for the bookcase.  Luckily, I had enough sense to measure both openings where the shelves would sit.  As it turns out, the second shelf opening is nearly an inch wider than the top shelf (which is where the ‘sample’ shelf came from).  Yah, yah, the shelves still need to be sanded and primed, but every step moves this project forward a little bit more.

So there you have it, something that is actually starting to look like a bookcase.  Now, I still need to figure out what colors I want to paint it.  Until I make up my mind about that particular detail, we’ll have to consider this project ‘shelved’.


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