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Vintage Bookcase


With yet another project complete, it is time for me to get started on the next one.  After all, summer only lasts so long…I’ve got to take advantage of this beautiful weather while I can.  Alas, I digress.DSCN4579

A couple of weeks ago, I acquired (for FREE on Craigslist) an awesome, vintage bookcase.  It was left to its own devises while I finished the patio table.  I must say, it was pretty eye-catching as it was.  But, knowing me, I’ll strive to DSCN4586make it even more of a statement piece.  The jury is still out as to what direction I want to go with the painting.  I’m thinking of using one color for the inside and a different color for the outside.  So, something similar to the record cabinet I finished a while back.  With that being said, I have been able to get quite a bit of prep work done.  This past Thursday, I got the entire piece stripped (which is never
a glamorous part of prepping any piece of furniture) DSCN4588and wiped down with paint thinner.  I ended up taking the veneer off of the whole front surface…which literally, ‘eh, figuratively came off like butter, so that was probably a really good move.

Next steps will include sanding the whole piece AND creating two new shelves for the inside area.  I hope to pay the local ReStore a visit at some point this week to find some wood for the shelves.


Done and Done


Well, after nearly two years of off and on attention, I am pleased to announce that the wood slat patio table is done.  I believe I mentioned in an previous post that working with oil based paints is not my medium of choice (in so many words).  So, I dove head-first into painting this beauty.  DSCN4550I had figured that DSCN4551since I was covering a dark green (except where it had been scraped and sanded down to raw wood) with a dark green, it would be a piece of cake.  Silly me, when is anything as easy as it seems…especially when it comes to furniture projects?!  The slats I had replace and primed took quite a few coats of the green in order to actual cover the white primer.  Lesson learned (for now).  The fact that the paint I was using was gloss also played a role in making perfect coverage a bit of a challenge for me.  I had originally allotted two days to work on the painting aspect of this piece, but ended up spending nearly a week painting, re-painting, flipping and painting, a DSCN4568

bit more painting…you get the idea.  Anyway, after all of the work and waiting and more work, I love the way it turned out.  Alas, not too shabby for a free table and a $3.00 can of paint, if I do say so myself.  Once again, I’m happy to have taken something that was very close to being on its last legs and transformed it into a functional beauty.  As they say, another project done and done.

Now, it’s time for me to get to work on the next project. Stay tuned…