Monthly Archives: July 2015

One Slat at a Time


DSCN4475Well, I figured since it has been two years since I first acquired this wood slat patio table, I might as well get to work on it.  At least a year ago, we had two replacement slats cut.  I primed those some time back and have just been dreaming of getting this table together, painted, and functioning.  I do believe I’m now down to ONLY three furniture projects.  Since this project has been waiting the longest, it gets top priority (for now).  Today, I removed the old slats we were going to replace.  However, such a task was not as easy as it sounds,  Many of the screws were all rusty, some of the tops of the screws were blown out, and certain sections of the wood was literally falling to pieces.  DSCN4476With quite a bit of help, we were able to get pilot holes drilled for each of the holes.  We used a little wood glue for good measure to hopefully help hold those slats in place along with the new screws I picked up at the local hardware store.  All in all, it is starting to actually look like something.  In re-doing these slats, we discovered that one of the cross pieces is totally toast.  So, off that came.  Now, we’ve just got to recreate a piece to replace that one.  Like always, things are not as simple as they first seem.  Lesson learned (again).

Once we get that piece created and in place, I’ll actually be able to begin the process of scraping and sanding this table…which I know will be quite a task.  I do plan on using some oil-based paint (a similar green) that I got at the local Re-Store a while ago.  Since it is dark green over dark green, I’m hoping that aspect will offer very little challenges (other than it being oil-based paint).  Only time will tell.