Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tabled…For a Bit


DSCN4250A few weekends ago, I happened upon a FREE post on Craigslist (surprise, surprise) for some garage sale leftovers.  Luckily for me, the post had a picture of the items available curbside.  I looked up the address, added it to my route, and stopped by.  DSCN4254Lo and behold, all of the items I was interested in were still up-for-grabs when I arrived.  In addition to some odds ‘n ends, I scored a fun mid-century-esque drop leaf table.  It appears as if the previous owners made an attempt at painting it at some point.  However, the paint job was not done well or very thorough, which makes it a perfect candidate for what I have in mind.  The table seems sturdy enough with the leaves up as it does with the leaves down.  However, due to the poor paint job, I’ll probably have to paint all sides of this project (gotta’ love all those extra steps).  Then again, it wouldn’t be my style of project if it didn’t require plenty of work.

So, now I’ve got two tables that I hope to work on (and complete) this summer.  However, before I move forward with any furniture projects, I’ve got plenty of picture frames in various stages of done-ness.  I’ve got to get them completed before I will allow myself to even dream, ‘eh, think about refinishing any pieces of furniture.