Monthly Archives: February 2015

Skirting Around an Idea


This past weekend, I paid a visit to a nearby rummage sale.  I came across the ad on Craigslist and figured it was one worth checking out.  We arrived toward the end of the three day sale, so the workers were more than happy to make deals.  After nearly an hour perusing through the variety of items for sale, I came across quite a lovely selection of men’s neckties.  The majority of the ties were vintage and many caught my eye.  However, being the fairly stingy…’eh, thrifty person I am, I felt 4 for $1.00 was far too high of a price.  Plus, I didn’t really have any idea of how I’d use such fun neckties.  So, we took our bags of treasures to the car.  I was still hemming and hawing when a suggestion was made that I could fashion some sort of a Christmas tree skirt with the ties.  Brilliant!!  I’d like to say I thought of the idea, but alas, not this time.  We promptly headed back into the rummage sale, making a b-line to the area with the ties.  Much to my delight, the price had been slashed to 6 for $1.00.  Now they were speaking my language!  However, it seemed someone else had also spied the wide variety of ties, as many of the ones I really liked had already been bought.  DSCN3980I think I had been gone maybe five minutes.  No worries though.  I was able to purchase 9 really great neckties which I plan to use to make a tree skirt for my smaller artificial Christmas tree.  So, I am now on the hunt for more great vintage ties (at least 9 more) at a great price.  With an idea in mind, I have yet to find a pattern that fits my exact needs…though I have found some that are headed in the right direction.  Luckily, I’ve got nearly a year to work on this project.  As I allocate more ties, I have a feeling that my plan will continue to take shape.

Who knows…the possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to vintage supplies.