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Spindle Bed: Rails & Slats


I figured it was about time to provide an update on the spindle bed that I’ve been working on.  I am happy to report that I finally finished (as of a couple of months ago) the spindle bed…complete with rails and slats.  DSCN3580After a long wait, the rails eventually got their color and clear coats.  It is so hard to believe that the rails were created completely from scratch.  A re-creation of the originals, but definitely a new element to further enhance the antique bed frame.  DSCN3602Looking at them now, I don’t think anyone would hesitate to believe they weren’t a part of the original design.  I just love that old elements can be recreated!  Upon the completion of the head/foot boards and the rails, I was in need of some wood bed slats.  After wasting quite a bit of time waiting for someone to respond to my WANTED ad on Craigslist, I was nearly ready to spend way too much money to buy a new set at IKEA.  Alas, I ventured to the local ReStore in search of something that might possibly work as bed slats.  At this point, we’re talking some form of lumber.  I had just about given up hope on finding anything that might work.  DSCN3591When lo and behold…what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a full or queen set of wood bed slats right there in the ‘bed’ section.  The slats weren’t marked with a price, so I hurried to the front counter to inquire as to their price.  I pointed out the item in question, only to hear…$5.00 as the price.  Yes, please.  Such a score AND exactly what I was looking for.  Needless to say, with quite a bit of help, we were able to get all of the pieces measured and cut with the chop saw (this was actually round 1 of chop saw usage).  With the slats cut to size, I sanded the ends a bit AND finally put the bed together.  So there you have it, the epic sage has reached it’s conclusion.  It has been plenty of hard work and time on this particular project, but I must say it turned out great (per usual).


Rustic Wood Round/Cookie Wreath


With the holidays soon approaching, I figured I’d post a piece with a crafty holiday flair.  Earlier this fall, I came across quite a few pieces of Big Leaf Maple wood…mainly nice-sized branches.  Not knowing what I would do with them, I held onto them and let them dry for a bit.  DSCN3711And then I came across this fabulous wreath on Pinterest.  I figured I, too, could come up with some way to make something like that…with the supplies (and budget) that I have.  Here is the point at which I got out the chop saw and set to work.  Since I had the saw out, DSCN3716I cut way more wood rounds that I could possibly need.  I am still blown away by how much sawdust was created during this process.  Sorry, I didn’t think to take any pictures of that step.  For the base of my wreath, I found two 12″ embroidery hoops at the local GoodWill Outlet (bins) and figured they’d work perfectly.  I tied a little twine up at the top to create a loop from which the wreath could hang.  Originally, I was going to leave the wood rounds rough…think, straight off the chop saw.  But, I figured they’d probably glue better if they had a smoother surface, so I sanded all of the wood rounds I would need.  This part was the definitely the most time consuming part, as the wood was still pretty ‘green’.  With the sanding finally complete, I broke out my trusty wood glue and set to work gluing the first layer of DSCN3700rounds into place directly on the embroidery hoop.  With that layer dry, I meticulously glued another layer of wood rounds onto the first layer…taking care to cover the places where the first rounds had intersected.  I just loved the way that the wreath looked at this point, but figured no wreath would be complete without a bow.  The wreath I was using as a DSCN3715model had a burlap bow, so I was off to the store to find something of the burlap variety that would work with my particular wreath.  Using a 60% off coupon at JoAnn’s, I was able to purchase a great dark, olive green roll of burlap ribbon.  The ribbon was too wide for my 12″ wreath, so I used pieces that had been cut in half length-wise…saving yet more resources, money, etc.  With the help of this simple tutorial on YouTube, I was able to make my very own burlap bow.  Using green floral wire, I attached the bow to the top of the wreath.  I like the rustic simplicity of the wreath, so have yet to add cones or greenery.  We’ll see how it grows on me.  Now, it’s all ready for hanging and spreading some holiday cheer.