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Vintage Nightstands…Done & Done


DSCN3542With autumn fast approaching and rain on the way, DSCN3549I was finally able to finish the pair of vintage nightstands I’d been working on.  I gave the tops and the drawer fronts a third coat of clear…just for extra protection.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I did end-up painting them just the opposite of the way I painted the record cabinet/shelf.  So, they’re green on the outside with gray/grey in the interior.  Pretty sharp-looking, if I do say so myself.  I do believe these nightstands are ready to make a statement, as they’ve definitely have a new lease on life.  Hard to believe they started out…not-so-wonderful.  As per my fashion, I’ve lined the drawers with shelf paper.  I went with a fairly neutral set of stripes.  I purchased the knobs in a lot I scored at Goodwill a while back.  After cleaning, sanding, and priming them, I figured I’d go with black spray paint.  The knobs are old and previously used, so they show some wear.  I figured it was fitting, as they were going on a set of old vintage nightstands.  Now, all I’ve got to do is get this set posted for sale.

SOLD: 11/9/2014



A Little Motivation


Summer and winter are the times of year that I am most productive with regard to furniture projects and such.  However, with the end of summer fast approaching, I find myself fearing I won’t be able to get as much accomplished on my current projects as I’d like.  I figure I could use a little motivation…and maybe could share a little while I was at it.

Here’s to staying motivated…and getting it done!  Because…

At Long Last…Spindle Bed Progress


DSCN3518 DSCN3527At long last.  After months and months of off-and-on work on the twin spindle bed frame, I am happy to report upon the completion of the headboard and foot board.  I know, finally.  I checked the calendar, and we’re talking exactly a year from when I purchased the frame to when I finished repairs/refinishing/etc.  I’m going to wait just a bit longer before re-attaching the metal pieces to the rails.  Hence, the absence of the rails during this photo shoot.

DSCN3531 DSCN3532

    I ended up putting four coats of black paint on everything…complete with a nice sanding between each coat.  And trust me, those spindles require quite a bit of detail work.  DSCN3529 DSCN3521The flat black paint I used was looking great even before I started on the clear coats.  In the end, I ended up putting on two coats of clear.  I just love the shine (a satin finish) it brings to the whole piece.

Now, I just need to acquire some wood bed slats.  I’ve been perusing Craigslist and hope to find some at a very reasonable price.  Here’s hoping I’ll be able to set the bed up before too long.

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