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Spindle/Spool Bed History



While the bed is still a work-in-process, I figured I’d do a little bit of research on this particular type of spindle or spool bed.  The following addresses will link you to sites that provide some history about said items: and  I can’t remember if I mentioned it in a previous post, so forgive me if I am repeating myself.  When we were originally working on taking the side rails of the bed apart, we noticed that it was held together with square nails.  That’s right, square nails.  Yet another clue that leads me to believe this is a pretty old bed that I’m working to bring (tastefully) into the 21st century.  Don’t worry, we saved many of the square nails.  You never know when you can use/might need a square nail.



Old Dresser Progress


DSCN3200Thunderstorms last night and this morning had me thankful I had brought all of my projects inside ahead of time.  Guess it pays to know something about clouds and weather systems.  Though I can’t say a five-hour thunderstorm is an ordinary occurrence around here.  Anywho, I digress.

Recently, I was able to finally prime the old dresser.  With that step complete, finally it was time for a little color.  I was able to get the first coat of color on the 100 year-old dresser last night.  This particular project is being painted inside, though I carry (with help) it outside to sand and clean.  So, the rain posed no threat.  It is amazing to see just how far this particular piece of furniture has come in the past year.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve had the drawers for this particular piece DSCN3206done for quite some time now.  I included it in the ‘before’ picture of this particular series.  This dresser will be the same green as many of my other pieces.  I also purchased a ‘new’ set of drawer pulls (from the local ReStore), though I’ve yet to actually attach them to the drawers.  Guess I’m waiting for the grand finale.DSCN3297

Yes, I am aware that this particular green isn’t too far from the original color.  You’ve just got to believe me when I say that it is structurally and functionally in way better shape than when I acquired it.  A great deal of nails, wood glue, drawer glides, caulk, wood filler, replacement trim, cleaning, paint stripper, and elbow grease have helped to take this particular piece of furniture from a classic to a truly functional piece of furniture.