Monthly Archives: January 2014

Vintage Nightstand



I came across this little number while perusing Craigslist the other day. Luckily, the lady was more than happy to hold onto it until I could pick it up. This nightstand seems to break with the norm in that it has a drawer on the bottom AND is a bit shorter than your average nightstand.  Leave it to me to find a diamond in the rough.  Not quite sure what direction I want to head with this one. But, from first glance, it seems to be a fairly straightforward project. I’m thinking a new knob (go figure) and a splash of color (yet undecided). I will certainly update as this project progresses.


A ‘Knobby’ Little Project


Enough of my projects require new knobs that I usually keep my eyes peeled for something that might work for a future project. Ya’ never know. Recently, I came across a great grab bag of knobs at Goodwill. They were marked at $3.99 and were not returnable. Once I opened them, I found I had scored 8 small and 3 large vintage knobs.  There were also 3 others in the bag, so I’ll just donate back to Goodwill. So, I’m working to transform at least 4 of the smaller knobs into new knobs for some closet doors.  Outside, it has been windy and cold, so I’m limited with when I can be painting them.  And to think, I could have just gotten some over-priced, run-of-the-mill knobs instead!  Where’s the fun in that?!


In the pictures, you’ll find the knobs as I bought them.  Next, you’ll see they are primed (RUST-OLEUM: Ultra Cover Primer) and readyDSCN2649 for color.  And then, we’ve got the finished products (Valspar: Exotic Sea Spray High Gloss Spray Paint AND RUST-OLEUM: Ultra Cover Gloss Purple).  I think they’ll add just the perfect kick to the closet doors.  Ahh, I just love making magic happen!