Monthly Archives: November 2013

Record Cabinet Legs


As it is with all projects, they are certainly a work in progress. That is oh-so-true with the vintage record cabinet that I’ve been working on. In an earlier post, I made reference to transforming it into a sort of shelf/cabinet deal. It is well on it’s way. I don’t think I’ll post a picture of it until it is done. But, I did make some headway on the legs. The taper/very mid-century legs it came with were not in great shape and would have made refurbishing them as-is very difficult. So, I’ve spent the past months figuring out how I could make it work. I’ve searched for new legs, tried to find replacement brass caps, pondered repair, and finally figured I’d remove the caps. Just today, we cut the legs below where the caps were attached (with the chop saw). We’ve drilled holes for the new self-leveling feet that will bring this piece into this century…in keeping with it’s old roots. Now, I’ve just got to get those legs up-to-speed with the rest of the piece. I’m thinking I’ll shoot to paint them the same color as the main cabinet (on the outside, that is).


Bed Frame Rails Continued


And so the saga adventure continues… With a great deal of assistance, I set to work to get the spindle bed frame rails moving forward. The other day, I carved out the rest of the circles where the brackets sit. I drilled the holes for those today. With brackets in place, it was time to move toward attaching the pieces that the slats (and eventually the mattress) will sit on. Those pieces aren’t pictured in the photos, but they are now glued and nailed into place. I’ll give this bed one thing, it’ll be nine million times stronger than it was when I first got it. Anywho, progress is progress…and I’ll take it.

Now, I’ve just got a long haul of sanding, patching, and priming before it becomes what I’ve got pictured in my mind. Stay tuned as the saga unfolds.