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Bed Frame Rails


And so it begins. I made a trip to the local ReStore ( to see if they had what I was needing to make the new set of rails for the spindle bed. Luckily, I found some nice 2×6 lumber. Those will help to make these new rails super sturdy. I got two 10′ pieces (which barely fit in the car), so that’s plenty. I’m thinking I’ll make ’em 75″ long. Now, just have to find some 1×1 (which is actually 1.5″x1.5″) for the actual shelf piece…upon which the slats will sit. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually get cut to size tomorrow?! I can dream, can’t I?


Spindle Bed Frame


I am finally ready to share on my next headache, ‘er I mean…amazing find. I had been searching for a bed frame to work on as an upcoming project. I had been going back and forth between quite a few styles and happened upon this one.

DSCN2147                                                     DSCN2145                                   DSCN2146DSCN2148

I had originally seen this bed frame posted on Craigslist (have I mentioned how much I love finding things on Craigslist?!). It was posted at $40 or best offer. I was also watching others, so I definitely wasn’t loosing any sleep over this one.  At least not then.  One evening, I figured I’d do some research on that particular bed…and saw just what it could become. The next day, I was jazzed to offer something less than $40, only to find that the bed frame was now listed at $15. HOLY SMOKES! I wrote the person a lovely email…and waited and waited. The post came down. I was down-heartened, having lost such a unique find. Lo and behold, the person wrote me back. However,my schedule didn’t allow for immediate pick-up. The person worked with my schedule, as I worked with their’s. Seeing the bed frame in person was just about breath-taking. I didn’t even see all the things wrong, ‘er needing my attention. At that price, I just couldn’t resist. The bed fit in my car, which I had measured and measured.
DSCN2149It’s gonna need work, but I can totally envision what it can become.  Looks like I’ll have to completely replace the rails (in keeping with the style of the antique originals).  A sprindle is missing from the foot board, so that’ll need some attention.  And, there is a substantial chunk of wood missing from on the head board (on the side that’d face the wall).  Not sure if I’ll worry about that or not.  Alas, another project with crazy potential!!  Here are some ideas:  Right now, I’m thinking black will look nice, be easy to match, and will cover the fact that some of this bed frame is currently painted and some is back to wood.  So many options…

Salvaged Bookcase


Just this past autumn (yah, nearly a year ago), while I was at work, I saw that an old solid wood bookcase was being left to the elements…with the ultimate destination being the wood pile. I just couldn’t let that happen to a solid wood piece of history. So, in traditional fashion, I figured I’d take it on as a salvage project. Of course, having been left outside, it had certainly seen better days. I’m not going to say it was an easy project, but it sure looks a lot better than the dirty, wet, moldy piece of furniture that I somehow was able to squeeze into my car (with assistance, of course).


Here’s a bit of a glimpse of how my whole process with furniture works.  First, I’ve got to clean the entire piece…top to bottom.  For most things, I use Mr Clean (  Then, it is time to repair whatever needs repair.  This usually involves wood filler, caulk, etc.  The repairs seen in this photo are only a tiny bit of those that I actually ended up doing on this piece.  Next comes the priming.  Since I work with so many wood or wood-like surfaces, I use a primer that can work on multiple surfaces.


In between each coat of everything, I sand (both with a power sander and hand sanding) and sand, and sand and sand.  After plenty of sanding…primarily with 150 and 220 grit sandpaper, I finally get to start seeing some color.  With this green I love using, it usually takes 3 coats of color to get full-coverage.  After the color is on, then, we get to put on two or more coats of Polycrylic (  Figured out the hard way how to get a protective shell on these pieces.  This polycrylic finish allows for me to work with my latex paints, but still give it some sort of protection.  Sometimes it is a bit tough to use, but usually, I am more than pleased with the end results.


I’m still not sure if I’ll keep this piece or take a shot at selling it. Either way, definitely worth nearly a year’s work (off and on). I am glad I saved it from being burned or left to rot. Hooray for salvaged furniture!!  Wait, when I think about it…nearly all of the projects that I work on could actually be considered salvaged projects.  Guess I must  have a thing for the underdog?



Oh, I don’t think I mentioned just yet that these shelves are fixed in place!!  Can you just imagine how much work went into painting all possibly visible surfaces?!  And, after I thought I was done with just about everything having to do with this bookcase, I figured I might as well paint the back…just in case someone wants to use it as a room divider.  So, it is green, through and through.

A Work in Progress…Record Cabinet


DSCN2118I want to apologize for the gap in posting my projects’ progress.  The record cabinet that I thought would be a walk in the park has turned out to be anything but.  I alluded in the last update on the record cabinet that I finally figured out how to do the shelf I’m wanting.  I believe I’ve got most of the pieces I need, just so hesitant to drill holes on something I’ve already invested so much time in.  Been busy working on patching gouges from the laminate removal.  I’m also trying to fill in the gaps left by the dividers that I removed.  I’m also currently on the hunt for some ‘new’ wooden tapered legs to replace the original ones.  However, if I can’t actually find any, I may have to make the old ones work.  We’ll see.  Shelves are in process right now as well.  Why is it that every project I take on ends up being five million times harder/more complicated than I am expecting?!!


Wooden Tool Box


As if I don’t have enough projects on my plate right now, I picked-up yet another last week. I was in the local Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity) looking for something. Found some of the things that I wanted and was waiting patiently in line to check-out. Off to my left, I spied an adorable, old wooden tool box. The price marked on it was 50 cents.

DSCN2115 Needless to say, once I’m done with it, it’ll be worth a million bucks (well, maybe that’s an exaggeration). Anywho, it was cute as it was, but I figured I might as well give it a modern spin. Before I sanded it off (oops), I saw the name and ‘made by’ on the bottom, as well as the date. I think it was 1954. How cool is that?!

I’ll update this post once I’ve got some color on it.  Obviously, it’s original color was gray and red.  I’m thinking orange and a darker gray.  That’s the plan, anyway.DSCN2121