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Sewing Cabinet: Before & After


After diving into the world of refurbishing furniture this past summer, I figured I might as well give a complicated piece of furniture a-go. I got this vintage sewing cabinet off of Craigslist…for FREE. It had been in the lady’s family for years, so I figured I’d get it looking fabulous. As if the main body wasn’t complicated enough (with the tapering legs and such), I had a bunch of drawers to contend with, knobs, hinges, and the two top pieces (both sides). Tricky as it was, it turned out smashing. It didn’t quite fit in the space I had set aside for it, so I ended up selling it on Craigslist. Found it a nice home, with someone who was truly interested in the vintage-ness of it.  Quite an accomplishment!

Sewing Cabinet; BeforeSewing Cabinet; After


Dresser: Before & After


Figured I might as well show off the first substantial piece of furniture I painted this last summer (2012). When I found it, it was in pretty sad shape. I know you can’t tell, but we had to do some major sanding on some of the curved pieces (there had been substantial chewing). I think it turned out wonderful, though it was a ton of work. Definitely worth it!

Dresser; BeforeDresser; After

Old Dresser


Old Dresser

This old wood dresser will serve as an upcoming project (following the one I am currently working on). Research has shown me that the drawer joints are pin & crescent (used 1871-1900), so it’s got some age.

Time to Share!


With so many projects under my belt, I figured it was about time I put ’em out there for others to see.  I’m really into retro/vintage furniture…and making it something truly outstanding.  In other words, I take wood furniture, fix it, paint it…and make it a really wonderful piece of furniture.  Summer and winter are busy times for this refurbishing.  Enjoy!